The registering of this fund with the Charity Commission will open up so many other funding opportunities and allow us, with this extra funding, to fast-track our greater plans of:

1. Loaning any person facing a life-changing situation, where they are reliant on a manual wheelchair, one of our powered ad-ons from our sister charitable organisation, Country Corner Cycles – getting them ’empowered’. This will ensure they are able to get out and about without putting excessive wear and tear on their shoulders, which were not designed to be ‘walked’ on and must last them a lifetime.

2. Establish a ‘Country Corner’ in each major County in the UK where people can come and look at their options going forward in their new lifestyle of coping with life with reduced mobility and help them design the important features of their new life, their kitchens,  bathrooms and gardens.

3. Place Western-trained American breeds of horses, chosen specifically for their calm yet sensitive natures and shallow, comfortable way of moving, with riding centres in major counties of the UK, the fund will also pay for specialist hoist for mounting and toilet facilities at these centres.

4. Have a selection of converted motorhomes for holiday hire with automatic gearbox and hand-controls, the interior suitable for wheelchair-users, thus taking away the current headache of wheelchair-users looking for accessible accommodation in the UK.

5. Fund airline toilet ‘pods’ – to give wheelchair-users the dignity to fly with easy access to a toilet.

Will fund the design of the ‘toilet pod’ that will be siting on the plane in place of six seats (the seats unclip, the pod clips in), triggered by the booking of a flight by a person who needs full access to an accessible toilet and this includes having their wheelchair stowed next to them so they do not have to suffer the indignity of having to ask to go to the toilet!

Other businesses cannot get away with discriminatory lack of access to toilets, why are airlines allowed to ‘get away with’ a horrendous situation which stops many disabled people from travelling?

How many walkers would find it acceptable to be offered a blanket to cover yourself with while you urinate into a bottle right next to a stranger in the seat next to you?

This has got to stop!

All big plans but anything is possible with the support of the general public.

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