In a corner of the beautiful Dorset countryside, on the site of the old dairy farm for Verwood, you'll find a little old wonky barn, some lovely views and a small herd of friendly American miniature horses, at a place fondly called:

The Country Corner

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The Country Corner is a not-for-profit social enterprise whose aim is to welcome visitors, regardless of mobility or impairment, to enable them to benefit from the natural therapy brought about by being outdoors in a rustic setting and interacting with animals.

Our Mission

Supporting Mental Health In The Community

We seek to help those with reduced mobility or those suffering from poor mental health who can benefit from being out in nature and interacting with animals

• There is definitely a ‘magic’ at the farm, a place where mental trauma can be eased with a good dose of the ‘feel-good-factor’.

• There a lot of mental ‘ill-health’ about, it just isn’t visible like a physical injury. However, it can have a more destructive, far-reaching effect on people who may seem in control but on the inside can see no light at the end of the tunnel.


We also welcome children to the farm, organising fun sessions that get them forgetting their electronic devices

Check our Facebook page for any forthcoming dates or send us a message with a preferred date for a miniature horse interactive experience.


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Looking for the perfect gift? We now offer gift vouchers for our miniature horse interactive experience.

Gift vouchers – £25.00 each – use our Contact page to order, can be sent electronically or printed.

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We rely on fundraising and donations to further our charitable aims.

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