On 23 July 2018, after 18-months of research into the best value-for-money electric power add-ons for manual wheelchairs, finally an export was organised and set sail from Shanghai for Southampton, taking approximately 40 days on the water.

On 4th September 2018, the container ship Al Muraykh arrived at Southampton docks which is so close, I could nip along and watch the unloading from the other side of the water.

I had imported four different styles of ‘trike’ and one ‘drive’, then to the road-testing (and off-road).

The two trikes on the left, available in six colours, handled grassy, gritty going and were good in small spaces and the little black scooter on the right with a 5″ wheel also managed grass and grit but not on any real incline and fab around shops and streets with the added bonus of being so light you can lift it into your car and as standard has a small enough battery to be allowed on a plane with the larger trikes having a flight standard battery as an optional extra.

We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of the ‘new kid on the block’ in our ‘Q’ range, another lightweight trike to equal the little black ‘scooter’ but this time, it’s available in six colours, called the Q6.

Once again, no heavy docking clamp left on your chair.

Front of frame clamps for rigid chairs and under seat brace for folding chairs.

We feel a Q6 needs to be made available to everyone who has landed themselves as a manual chair user and this is in order to save the wear and tear on shoulders and joints and safeguarding new chair-users from the negative mental affect of not being as mobile as you were.

We have now started offering the Q6 for hire which will be a good fundraising avenue to enable us to fulfil our charitable aims. Spec chart below.

Our plan is, once we have our fleet of exploring trikes and a bespoke trailer, we will start a fund that will enable us to loan a Q6 to each person who has suffered a spinal cord injury in the UK (three on average a day in the UK!) while they save up to purchase a trike of their own.

We are currently raising funds for an adapted trailer – each trike that sells through us, helps to swell this fund.

Once we have both a fleet of trikes and a trailer, we will then be able to organise power triking around beauty spots and coastal paths, any serious off-roading will have to wait for lots more funding as those trikes are much more expensive.

After the month of testing, over all sorts of terrain we even went to down to the sea and you can see the series of videos if you watch the sea’s edge video linked below and then click on the channel ‘Wheelie Good View’.

If you click here, you will see photos of the sort of transport we are considering for the trikes that can go exploring on rougher terrain, enabling people with restricted mobility, to explore with family and friends.

Eventually we hope that clip-on powered trikes, will be hired by event organisers, in the same way that they do portaloos! They wouldn’t dream of putting on an event without toilets, so we believe that neither should an event be run without making the exploration of it possible by those using manual wheelchairs.

The adaptive cycles now has it’s own dedicated web page, click here

Below are a selection of wheelchair trikes available currently in the UK, some off-road able – ‘tractor’ trikes, that we hope to add to our transport, to enable visitors to try a wider variety of trikes before making the decision to buy based on their needs and how deep their pockets go 🙂



Davinci TrailRider


Quickie Attitude

Klaxon Monster


Tandem Vanraam Fun 2 Go Power Assist 

Unlike a normal tandem where you can’t see or talk easily to the person with you, we think these are an amazing invention – a pedalo without the water! These tandems, in pairs or fours will provide physical therapy and enjoyment for visitors with reduced leg power or, for a parent with a disabled child or if you are caring for someone with dementia – these bikes mean you can see the enjoyment on the rider’s face that you are accompanying.

Plus trailer!

Once we are up and running, any visitors who want to test-drive a product and then place an order through us, will trigger a percentage for us, of the sale money which will help us to improve and expand our service.

And for anyone contemplating the purchase of a piece of kit to get you out and about but can’t get to us – we are going to video the test of every piece of equipment we have, both on our test track – the Rocky Road and in more genteel surroundings, like the supermarket 🙂 .

And, if you’re a company selling a piece of kit to get disabled people out and about, get in touch as we can be the best field-trial facility and advert for your product you will find!