Trike Transport

We feel that disabled people should be able to explore events like festivals and country shows and so, included in our plans, is the purchase of a trailer or vehicle to transport a selection of our trikes to events so that those that do not have the mobility or strength to push their manual chair around outdoor events on undulating or grassy going, can use one of our cycles and join their friends and family!

We are even considering, adding to the fleet, an electric standard scooter for the family and friends as we’re now seeing another imbalance – firstly it was the wheelers couldn’t keep up with the walkers, now, a month into testing these trikes with a variety of people with family and friends accompanying them, the walkers cant keep up with the wheelers!

Any imbalance is unacceptable, as the whole point of this project is that people can explore events or country walks together, not one yards behind the other, so yes, we need electric ‘help’ for the friends and family 🙂

This trailer will have a wheelchair-accessible toilet and small kitchen so it can be parked anywhere and be independent of event facilities.

We plan to put on our own excursions along coastal paths or country trails, people can just book a trike and turn up, not worrying where the nearest toilet is. 

We are currently researching the best trailer for our needs or even considering a small lorry with living area containing a slide out, as this would increase the interior circulating room so necessary for wheelchairs.

Here are a few images of transport we are considering. To tow the larger trailers, we would need a larger towing vehicle, so, that would be a benefit in buying a small lorry.


Ifor Williams

Tow Master

Race Car Transporter

We are even considering importing from the USA, as they seem to have more trailers with slide outs, which greatly increases the circulating space inside.

Our aim is to have our ‘On Tour’ set-up complete before the planned 1300 mile fundraising journey, commencing at John O’Groats where Joanna, the founder of Country Corner will take a few of her trikes and a couple of her miniature horses and make the epic journey!

The ‘On Tour’ set-up will be used to visit every spinal unit in the UK with the trikes, so that newly injured individuals can realise that far from their manual wheelchair holding them back, with the addition of a powered trike, they are free to explore a wide variety of places they thought impassable by wheelchair or too exhausting to manage by themselves plus they get the fantastic news that, once the funding is in place, kickstarted by the 1300 mile fundraiser, every newly injured individual will received a ‘scooter’ trike on loan, light enough to lift into a car and with a battery that is airplane regulation compliant!

We are excitedly awaiting a new trike to add to our stable to improve on our trusty Q5 in black above, the Q6 comes in a range of colours and is also flight regulation compliant and light enough to lift into your vehicle.