Mini Horse Walks

Loved by the children and adults alike!

Upon arrival the parents/minders can relax with a tea or coffee while the mini horse walkers groom their horse and add a plait in the mane if they would like.

Next is a warm-up with a bit of in-hand jumping.

and then head off for the trails either around the farm or to the beautiful adjacent Dewlands Common.

 A mini horse session lasts approximately 50 minutes and costs £15 each mini horse walked with up to two sharing.

The morning mini-horse session runs from 11am-12pm and you are welcome to bring a packed lunch to have from 12-1pm in a corner of one of our meadows or if your mini-horse session is for the afternoon 2-3pm, you are welcome to have your picnic first from 1-2pm. 

If you would be interested in us supplying a variety of cupcakes, just give us notice a few days before your booked date.

If you would like to book a mini horse walk, please click the link to our Facebook page below and message us with details of preferred dates/times and how many in your party/age of mini horse walkers if under 14.

Please ensure you wear enclosed footwear as some of the tracks are not made up and are either grass, sand, grit, soil or sometimes muddy.

We offer gift vouchers, a lovely unique idea for a present for any age.

Link here to our Facebook page to message us regarding a booking