Mini Horse Jumping

Children love leading the mini horses over the colourful wooden jumps and something that has been popular each summer as one of our fundraisers, so now we’re going to regularly hold children’s sessions at the mini horse’s home in Verwood to help with our fundraising in between events.

Our lovely show team of American¬†Miniature¬†horses below, left to right, Promise, Domino, Mabel and Sugar, Sugar being the little star who ‘pulled’ Cinderella’s carriage in the Verwood Pantomime Society’s Cinderella.

We have three foals due in spring of 2022, when they’re born, they are the size of lambs, so watch this space for lovely birth day photos of Promise, Mabel and Domino’s babies … This will be the first foal we’ve had from Mabel, so we’re all super excited and proud daddy is our black and white shown here in his show headstall, he’s a beauty so a Mabel and Mardi baby will be adorable.

Here’s one we made earlier, the size of a lamb, sooo cuddly!